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Carbon Composites Design

We provide composite part design service from concept to detail. Design, moulding, CNC machining and assembly can be all done in house.

This is part of our philosophy of keeping costs under control and maintaining a high standard of quality.

It is important to understand that taking a design for a metal component and making it in carbon composite is not the right approach.

A fresh look at the component should be taken and designed with composite in mind from the outset. 

We are happy to get involved in the design process in our customers' projects and recommend design changes to achieve the benefits of using composite materials and reduce manufacturing cost.

High Pressure Composite Parts Pressing 2

High Pressure Composite Parts Pressing 

Composite Parts Machining and Bonding 21

Composite Parts Machining and Bonding

Joining Press 212x158.jpg

Light Weight Conveyor Belt Joining Press

3D printing 212x158.jpg

Laser Cutting and 3D Printing

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